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Research Interests

I am a labour economist, with core interests in issues of human capital, early childhood development, roles of aspirations, wellbeing and especially inequality.
My research focuses on applying tools from micro-econometrics to address the questions on the causes and consequences of social and economic inequality. I incorporate approaches of behavioural economics and empirical techniques in experimental designs to better address the issues.
Going into the fields provides a valuable and fundamental opportunity to build and broaden my perspectives as an applied economist. In my recent works, I look at the roles of aspirations and subjective beliefs on decision makings, particularly among household members.

During 2023-2027, I am a co-investigator of an ERC Starting Grant funded project,
MISMATCH (with Suphanit Piyapromdee as the Principal Investigator).

Journal Publications

Luck or Rights? An Experiment on Preferences for Redistribution Following Inheritance of Opportunity, 2022, with N. Powdthavee, and Y. Riyanto, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2023, Vol. 106

Link to paper

Documenting Occupational Sorting by Gender in the UK across Three Cohorts: Does a Grand Convergence Rely on Societal Movements?

with Grace Lordan, Empirical Economics, 2022

Link to paper (Here for Online Appendix)

Mortality risk, perception, and human capital investments: The legacy of landmines in Cambodia

Labour Economics, 2022, Vol. 78

Link to paper (Here for Online Appendix)

All I have to do is dream? The role of aspirations of children, parents and teachers in intergenerational mobility

with Reto Odermatt, European Economic Review, 2022

Link to paper (Here for Online Appendix)

Also, its companion paper on Gender stereotypes in childhood aspirations.

Counting on my vote not counting: expressive voting in committees

with Boris Ginzburg and Jose-Alberto Guerra, Journal of Public Economics, 2022 

Link to paper

The Long-lasting effects of family and childhood on adult wellbeing: evidence from British Cohort Data

with Sarah Flèche and Andrew E. Clark, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021 (January, vol 181).

Link to paper

Reshaping Thailand’s Labor Market: The Intertwined Forces of Technology Advancements and Shifting Supply Chains, with Voraprapa Nakavachara, Economic Modelling, 2021

Link to paper

On Covid-19: New implications of job task requirements and spouse's occupational sorting

with Suphanit Piyapromdee, Ponpoje Porapakkarm and Nada Wasi, Covid Economics - Vetted and Real-Time Papers, 2020 (Vol 12, May)
Link to paper

War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry

with Abel Brodeur and Yanos Zylberberg, Journal of European Economic Association, 2018

Link to paper

Locus of Control and Its Intergenerational Implications for Early Childhood Skill Formation

with Nick Powdthavee, Francesca Cornaglia and Nele Warrinnier, Economic Journal, 2018.

Link to paper

Predicting the Present Revisited: The Case of Thailand,

with Voraprapa Nakavachara, Thailand and the World Economy, 36 (3), 2018, 23-46,

What's the good of education on our overall quality of life?  A simultaneous equation model of education and life satisfaction for Australia.

with Nick Powdthavee and Mark Wooden. Journal of Behavioural and Experimental Economics, 54, 10-21, 2015.

Link to paper

Working Papers

  • Critical Mass in Collective Action, with B. Ginzburg and J.A. Guerra.

  • Raised by grandparents: the effects of growing up in skipped generation households on educational attainment, 2020, with T. Srungbunmee (January 2020 version)

  • Myths and facts of inequalities in Thailand: Perspective from three decades, 2020, with S. Piyapromdee, P. Porapakkarm, and N. Wasi. (Link to paper)

  • Hidden wealth: asset holdings and land acquisition strategies of political households, 2019, with T. Chaiwat and S. Chantarat (June 2019 version).

Books and Book Chapters
  • Economics and Fertility Promotion: Theory and Empirics, 2021, with N. Witvorapong and S. Watanapongvanich, (in Thai).

  • The Socio-economic Complexities of Formalisation of Women’s Employment in Thailand, 2021, with J. Vechbanyongratana, Y. Yoon, and P. Tangtammaruk, in The Gender Implications of Formalising Informal Activities: A Comparative Study of India, Thailand, South Africa, Ghana and Morocco, edited by J. Ghosh.

Work in Progress

  • Shifting academic performances and future outlooks through changing information and mindset, 2022, with N. Jirasatthumb, P. Mahasuweerachai, and S. Piyapromdee. (Link to slides March 2023 version

  • Stephen versus Stephanie? Does Gender Matter for Peer to Peer Career Advice, 2022, with G. Lordan

  • Conditional cash transfer program: time, money and intrahousehold's beliefs, 2021, with S. Boonmanunt, N. Jirasatthumb, P. Mahasuweerachai, and S. Piyapromdee. (Link to slides May 2021 version) 

  Permanent Working Papers
  • Intensive and extensive margins of labour supply in Thailand: decomposing the pattern of work behaviours, 2017. PIER Discussion Paper No. 59

  • Childhood post-traumatic stress disorder and later-life outcomes: a hidden consequence of the 1989 Typhoon Gay, 2016. PIER Discussion Paper No. 32

  • Early maternal employment and emotional and behavioural development of children in the UK: evidence from the ALSPAC cohort, with A. Clark, N. Powdthavee, and G. Ward. CEP Discussion Paper No. 1380

  • Breaking up for the kid’s sake: Evidence from a British Birth Cohort, with A. Clark, N. Powdthavee, and G. Ward. December 2015 version

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